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Jackson 95 lbs

Baby Jackson

AKC: Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Report Date: 07/26/2018

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Magic Mountain Jackson

Name: Magic Mountain Jackson
AKC #: WS562604/02 Breed/Variety: Bernese Mountain Dog
Birth Date: 01/04/2017 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black Rust & White
Breeder(s): Adam Miller

Magic Mountain Jackson
Black Rust & White
R G Barret
WS498375/09 08-16
Black Rust & White
OFA25G OFEL25 AKC DNA #V812539
Montgomery's Roswell
WS442142/07 12-14
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V782436
Bosco Martin
WS418629/01 05-13
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V699526
No Cure For Love Helvetius
WS395058/01 05-12 (Poland)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V657494
Domino Helvetius
PKR II-85547
Zena Helvetius
PKR II-82102
Basza Z Kaszubskiej Szwajcarii
WS271737/01 06-09 (Poland)
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V550711
Gaston Z Deikowej Doliny
PKR II-76322
Vilma Helvetius
PKR II-78516
WS337965/05 03-12
Black Tan & White
Burning Bush Barney
WS181566/03 01-10
Black Rust & White
Sampson Boy
WS098258/03 02-06
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V401237
Star Lady II
WS022565/06 04-06
Black Rust & White
Burning Bush Belle Belle
WS277301/07 01-10
Black Tan & White
Sir Diego 1
WS012034/06 03-04
Black Rust & White
OFA24F AKC DNA #V325053
Maggie Mae III
WS055038/05 02-05
Black Rust & White
Montgomery's Georgia On My Mind
WS433596/06 12-14
Black Rust & White
Caldwell's Murdock
WS400572/10 04-13
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V726347
Major Smoke
WS269857/04 12-09
Black Rust & White
Major Moe
WS101911/02 04-06
Black Rust & White
OFEL24 AKC DNA #V432526
Ihrig's Major Half Way
WS181118/01 02-08
Black Tan & White
Valleys Shilo
WS157057/03 06-07
Black Rust & White
Cherokee Jack
WS028962/06 07-04
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V338457
Cherokee Rene
WS032656/05 06-04
Black Rust & White
Caldwell's Zuriel
WS224626/02 06-13
Black Rust & White
Hillside Wonder Boy
WS047536/01 11-05
Black Tan & White
Snowbern's Zeus's Hercules
WR068687/07 11-03
Black Rust & White
OFA35G OFEL35 AKC DNA #V353485
Swissy Girl Austin
WR059208/05 11-03
Black Rust & White
Hillside Amaryllis
WS192697/05 10-07
Black Rust & White
WR036459/03 07-02 (Russia)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V250739
Quality Country Crystal
WS100845/08 04-06
Black Rust & White
Dakota Bell
WS492155/02 06-17
Black Rust & White
King Goliath
WS274672/06 09-10
Black Rust & White
OFA28E OFEL28 AKC DNA #V603855
Cowpounders Brutus
WS078141/02 06-06
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V443940
Abel Z Louccke Kotliny
WR001314/01 07-04 (Czech Republic)
Black Tan & White
Onyx Vom Riemenbeet
CKSP 442/93/95
Arka Bila Obora
CMKU BSP/949/96
Anita Na Obraze
WR021112/01 08-02 (Slovak Republic)
Black Tan & White
Bruno Z Gemerskej Polomy
WP989436/01 11-00 (Slovak Republic)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V161307
Carfi Essi
CMKU 1094/97
Millie-Melleki Sophia
WS125554/02 12-08
Black Rust & White
Tujaligeti Carim
WS123882/01 07-05 (Hungary)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V417099
Vetterenyi Denis
MET BSH.9621/97
Sokoroi-Nagy Aliz
MET BSH.11797/98
Szilas-Berni Jennifer
WS055702/01 04-04 (Hungary)
Black Rust & White
Wekerlei-Nagymedve Tristan
MET BSH.2669/00
Pusztamergesi Mendi
MET BSH.8581/96
Bella's Little Buster Rakita
WS437501/03 04-15
Black Rust & White
Dalma's Big Buster
WS286289/02 08-10
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V633155
Troyers Buster
WS028898/01 11-04
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V452493
Fred Is Country
WR059125/01 03-03
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V288292
Troyer's Hope
WR061890/09 05-03
Black Tan & White
Gatmenti Dalma
WS078914/01 07-04 (Hungary)
Black Tan & White
Maglod-Falvi Artemis
MET BSH.1705/00
Felso-Segesdi Dorka
MET BSH.733/99
Pack's Bell Of The Ball
WS153422/02 06-07
Black Rust & White
Rockin Rocky Teton
WS044703/02 03-05
Black Rust & White
OFA31G AKC DNA #V342655
Rockin V Teton John
WS002144/05 10-03
Black Rust & White
OFA25G AKC DNA #V306878
Rockin' V Swiss Miss
WS010241/04 10-03
Black Rust & White
Gorbahegy-Aljai Kitty
WS048499/02 05-05 (Hungary)
Black Tan & White
Berekkozi-Berni Osborn
MET BSH.11833/98 (Hungary)
Kisgat-Menti Alinka
MET BSH.7121/95 (Hungary)

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