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Holly and Georgia

AKC: Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Report Date: 04/06/2018

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Magic Mountain Heavenly Holly

Name: Magic Mountain Heavenly Holly
AKC #: WS503780/02 06-18 Breed/Variety: Bernese Mountain Dog
Birth Date: 04/18/2015 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black Tan & White
Breeder(s): Jaci McCarthy

Magic Mountain Heavenly Holly
WS503780/02 06-18
Black Tan & White
Visions Sugar Plums From Balihara Ranch
WS502673/01 09-15 (Slovak Republic)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V759760
Dale Gudbrand's Norway Dream Mach
PKR II-106976
Askimsvikens Maximilian
SHPK S 11258
SKK S52271/2005
Werner Wix Helge
SKK S43031/2003
Akimsvikens Lovis
SKK S16605/2000
Askimsvikens Hillevi
CMKU S59538
Honey -Mix Bravo
SHPK S 57173/97
Bauernhof's Regina
SVCA S 41777
Chimny Zala Dale Gudbrand'S
SKK N 20660
Macis Zam Mont Morzy
SKK S42355/99 (Sweden)
Ulfilas Vom Stockle
SSZ BS 26596
SKK N09945/95
Lady Av Solvbergstien
NKK 09566/00
Corabarnas Harley Mirason
NKK 941/97
Trixie Av Solvbergstein
NKK 07394/96
Yasmienne From Balihara Ranch
SHPK 3216/11
Michaudville Thruman
CKC TA136437
Michaudville Isak Zeus Sergent
CKC CN958692 04-08
Raabehaus Braveheart Eros
Black Rust & White
Princesse Xena De La Passion
CKC KQ688145
Bern And Bernoiskoramichaudvil
CKC NE875639
King Hercule De Michaudville
CKC JA696675
Lentreroche B Yanka
CKC HU548674
Essy-Bloussom Von Bernice Love
Bernerdalens Ruben
SKK 39070/04
Apoletano's Kredo
NKK 11483/02
Bernerdalens Nokia
SKK 48465/01
Britney Van 'T Pachthof
LOSH 0909194
Tawajah's Unak
LOSH 0776840
Ulsa Van'T Pachtof
LOSH 0784881
Angel Kiss Farms A Dreamis A Wish Your Heart Makes
WS442393/05 09-15
Black Tan & White
Takari's Mufasa Pepe Le Peu
WS230313/03 02-09
Black Rust & White
OFA25G OFEL37 AKC DNA #V512382
CH Labernese Livin Lavida Loca
WR049276/03 11-02 (Canada)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V299323
CH Avatar's Impresario V Bev's
WP877917/01 07-01
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V92892
Sascha's George V Bev's
WP650447/01 09-96 (Canada)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V123958
CH Mentmore Appleblossom V Bev's
WP556497/08 02-97
Black Rust & White
CH Felicity Von Der Bauernbreite
WP797510/01 (Germany)
Black Rust & White
Julius Vom Ecke-Manns-Hof
SSZ BS 26267
Cindy Vom Bartlshof
SSZ BS 22261
CH Takari's Illusion V Heronpond
WS001320/09 11-03
Black Rust & White
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V367182
CH Takari's Say The Magic Word
WP864136/01 09-00
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V113405
CH Tallpine's Dial M For Murder
WP678010/02 03-97
Black Rust & White
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V125194
Hafner's Mountain Top Marta
WP519157/07 06-97
Black Rust & White
CH Edna Vom Granzweg
WP924421/01 04-01 (Switzerland)
Black Rust & White
OFA44G OFEL44 AKC DNA #V224276
Bosco Da La Rouda
SHSB 532817
Kaja V. Ruschbode
SHSB 523110
Klaus's Walk Like An Egyptian CGC
WS348502/07 09-13
Black Rust & White
OFA24G AKC DNA #V650503
Held'Z Klaus To My Heart
WS156515/07 09-07
Black Rust & White
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V491208
Held Z Ipeiskej Kotliny
WS110228/01 03-05 (Slovak Republic)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V370961
Garibaldi Cierne Kralovstvo
SHPK 1237/02
Bernike Z Lpelskej Kotliny
SHPK 1781/02
Willa T Sultan
WS047717/06 09-04
Black Rust & White
Clorino Danborg
WR065219/02 01-03 (Poland)
Black Rust & White
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V306186
Gabriel-Bernae's Delight
WP916824/06 08-01
Black Rust & White
Ivan's Zippin Zoe
WS194884/06 07-09
Black Rust & White
OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA #V484752
Ivanhoe T Sultan
WS013605/02 09-04
Black Rust & White
OFA37G AKC DNA #V366314
Tujaligeti Charlie
WR048864/01 07-02 (Hungary)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V253283
Alexis Sweet Sable
WP958301/10 10-02
Black Rust & White
Maglod-Falvi Nina
WS119622/02 02-07 (Hungary)
Black Rust & White
OFEL26 AKC DNA #V440934
Maglod-Falvi Etalon "Rocco"
MET BSH.4273/01
Angie Vom Seckachtal
MET BSH.1711/H/00

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