Halo~ adopted by a Forever Family

Halo 115 lbs

AKC: Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Report Date: 04/13/2018

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Magic Mountain Heavenly Halo

Name: Magic Mountain Heavenly Halo
AKC #: WS562911/02 07-18 Breed/Variety: Bernese Mountain Dog
Birth Date: 01/19/2017 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black Rust & White
Breeder(s): Donald Wright/TESSIE WRIGHT

Magic Mountain Heavenly Halo
WS562911/02 07-18
Black Rust & White
Sasha De Parmen Auriu
WS470227/01 06-17 (Romania)
Black Tan & White
AKC DNA #V730297
Dunkan Of Berniland
COR A425-11/045
Secret Weapon Vom Burgseeli
COR A374-10/045
Simply The Best Vom Burgseeli
NHSB 2654072
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Charity Charls Pro-A'Mor Fa'Ti
NHSB 2519073
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Labanc-Volgyi Irisz
COR A259-08/045
Grunschnabel Ciro
MET BSH.8379/05
Ciro Z Mokrovous
MET BSH.6823/H/03
Grunschnabel Evelyne
MET 2782/00
Szekesparti Bessy
MET 1661/00
Abony-Berci Quiton-Hd-O-Kv
MET 5264/94
Paporsegi Berta
MET 5807/95
Million Dollar Baby Altura
PKR II-107014
Henri Van'T Stokerybos
PKR II-98747
Bernerdalens Yannis
LOSH 9115407
Honey-Mix Flash
SKK S33531/2005
Noklebyasen's Online
SKK S59884/2004
Elisabeth Van 'T Stokerybos
LOSH 0978040
Zorbha Van'T Stokerybos
LOSH 0876652
Yasmyn Van'T Stokerybos
LOSH 0861059
Jamajka Sloneczko
PKR II-88246
Eric The Red Degli Antichi Mulini
PKR II-69738
Macis Springsteen
SKK S35401/96
ENCI GB052949
Cerruti Altura
PKR II-75834
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Ballyhara's Noisette
WS410194/02 07-14 (Slovak Republic)
Black Rust & White
AKC DNA #V671063
Benghal Z Deikowej Doliny
SHPK 3236/11
Super Foot Elysian Garden Sotel
PKR 94576
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Vouge Z Deikowej Doliny
PKR 92871
Equo V.T' Beertjes Hof
PKR II-86796
Van Gogh Des Roches Du Mettey
LOF 024456
Glanzberg Olivia
KCR AC04296106
Junona Z Deikowej Doliny
PKR II-79336
Siktor The Showmaker Av Milkcreek
MET BSH.5929/02
Careless Z Deikowej Doliny
PKR II-70440
Yoleen From Balihara Ranch
SHPK 3219/11
Michaudville Thruman
CKC TA136437
Michaudville Isak Zeus Sergent
CKC CN958692 04-08
Raabehaus Braveheart Eros
Black Rust & White
Princesse Xena De La Passion
CKC KQ688145
Bern And Bernoiskoramichaudvil
CKC NE875639
King Hercule De Michaudville
CKC JA696675
Lentreroche B Yanka
CKC HU548674
Essy-Bloussom Von Bernice Love
Bernerdalens Ruben
SKK 39070/04
Apoletano's Kredo
NKK 11483/02
Bernerdalens Nokia
SKK 48465/01
Britney Van 'T Pachthof
LOSH 0909194
Tawajah's Unak
LOSH 0776840
Ulsa Van'T Pachtof
LOSH 0784881

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